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Seeing the tiny miracles

17 Aug

My personal life has been pretty rough lately. Stress has been increasing definitely. Not only for me but for my whole family. But I have been trying to cope the best way I know how. I tend to retreat into the safety of the indoors and into the world of books. I was severely agoraphobic in my twenties and couldn’t leave my house unless I was with someone I trusted. I felt myself wanting to do that a lot here lately but each day a tiny little something would happen, like a sign, and it would cheer me up enough to keep doing what I needed to get done that day.

One day I was having to drive all over going to different doctor appointments and by lunch time I was exhausted. It seemed like every person on the road was driving like an idiot and like when did people decide it was ok to cross a busy road anywhere they please. Have they all forgotten crosswalks exist? Anyway I pulled into a McDonalds drive-thru for lunch. There was a van load of kids in front of me and one poor mom trying to order for them all. So I ordered, paid, and went to the last window to pick up my food. The lady in the window asked me if I wanted a free ice cream sundae. In my head I am like “Hell yes!!!!”, but I just said yes out loud. The lady in front of me had ordered the kids sundaes and the McDonalds crew had made an extra one. So I parked in the parking lot, to just really enjoy my ice cream. Ice cream has always made me feel better. More than even chocolate. It is probably the way to my heart too. But after I was done with my free sundae I was refreshed enough to go to my last doctor appointment and blood tests.

Sometimes when the stress and things like that seem to overwhelm you in your life, it gets very hard to see the positive things that are still there. I am working very hard to recognize those positives every single day. The tiny miracles will accumulate and hopefully make it easier to have a more truly positive outlook on my life. So whether it is luck or blessings or signs from above, I am paying more attention so that I don’t miss them.

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