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Writing prompt: Write about a noise or a silence that won’t go away. (Thought I would start with an easy one!)

9 Apr

I rolled over for the nine hundred ninety seventh time that night. I am so aggravated! I see the giant red numbers of my alarm clock telling me it is 3:05 in the morning. I get even more angry. Now I have to decide if it is worth trying to get a few hours sleep before the alarm goes off or to just give up and start my day super early. I mean there is only myself to blame. I decided to break up with my boyfriend in the middle of a record heat wave. And I decided to move out of our lovely air conditioned condo because I couldn’t stand all the reminders of him. Of course it never occurred to me that our beautiful condo wouldn’t sell instantly. Or that I would have to move into this super cheap loft apartment until it sells. And I definately could not fathom that anywhere in this day and age would have no air conditioning. But here I sit for the third night in a row kept up by my droning army of fans. I have huge box fans in the windows and a few scattered here and there for air flow. I have tall oscillating fans by my bed and by my couch area. I have a few short oscillating ones too because their boxes had the word blizzard on them and I couldn’t resist. I even have some small ones like on my desk. I even have one in the powder room that I use to keep cool when putting on my make up and I even use it to dry my long hair in the back. They are all just doing their jobs and I know that but at night they might as well be an angry hornet’s nest. And I know the easy answer is to turn them off but it doesn’t drop below 80° at night because of the heat wave. I would sweat to death. I have tried everything to make peace with the fans. I pulled up fond memories of getting close and making funny noises into the fan. And the great memories of the fans at my family’s old lake house. I even tried to imagine they were one of those expensive white noise machines that people buy to fall asleep to. Nothing convinced me they we anything more than angry hornets nests whose hornets all had the faces of my ex on them. And who were surrounding me with annoying noise and preventing me from much deserved rest. So here I sit, in the middle of the night, in the middle of my bed, in the middle of the drone.

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