My Grandpa’s Birthday

19 Mar

IMG_1791 - Version 4

Today my Grandpa turns 80. I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday today. He has always been an amazing man in my life and I love him very much. He has always been someone I looked up to. So I hope his day is cheerful and bright today.


Throwback Thursday Surprise

14 Mar

I decided to jump on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon on Instagram. I wanted to do something for my Mom because she does so much for me. When my Grandma, her Mom, passed away almost two years ago we got a whole bunch of photos among other things. Some were just piles of photos and some were framed . Honestly we have not touched the framed photos since we got them. It was a really hard loss for my whole family. So today I was looking for some older photos of my Mom to put together a collage-like picture idea. My Grandma had 10 kids and there are 29(ish) grand-kids and 7 great grand-babies(as of now) plus spouses. So needless to say she had a bazillion pictures. But she had each of her original 10 kids senior pictures framed above her bed. So I went to take my Mom’s senior picture out of its frame to copy it and behind her picture I found all these others. It was an amazing surprise. My Grandma really is a guardian angel in my life and I believe in the lives of my whole family. And some days she makes it a point to remind me that she is watching over me. So I shed a few tears and snapped this quick picture. I love it. And I love my Mom and my Grandma very much. I miss my Grandma very much still but I can still feel her with me in my heart.  F.Y.I – My Mom’s senior picture is the center one in the bottom row.

Winter wonderland! I love it when it snows!!

12 Mar


This was one last picture of our fun snow day last week. This one kind of makes me sad because of how different this view is in the summer time. Our fence is usually covered in morning glories and day lilies. And our yard art looks so dark here while in the summer it sparkles with all the colored glass reflecting the sun’s rays. Even the wind chimes were silent that day. I do love snowy winter days don’t get me wrong but I am ready for spring.

Snow day!!!

10 Mar

So last Wednesday we had a couple of inches of the fluffy stuff fall very quickly overnight. So the next day was declared an official snow day!! ( by me ) Those awesome little winter surprises that make the normally dreary and unbearably cold weather and lack of sun tolerable for at least a moment. And just as I did when I was a kid, I got all bundled up to go outside and play!! Here are some of the pictures I took.

IMG_1920The branches were so heavy with snow.


IMG_1928The snow weighed this tree down until it looked like a completely different tree.

IMG_1947One poor little branch drowning in the snow, reaching up to stay above the surface.

IMG_1951We are lucky to have a variety of trees around our house, like this funny little crooked one.

IMG_1971This made me wonder why one tree was naked and the other covered in a beautiful snowy outfit?

IMG_1980Hopefully these are the first of many marks that I make in the world to make it a better place through art and expression.

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow

6 Mar





It snowed at my house last night. I love the snow. It blankets over the ugliness we might see during the lone winter months and makes things so uniformly white and pure. Ugly everyday things get a sparkly white coating and they become new and beautiful. Snow reminds us that a different perspective can make the everyday mundane world look amazing and breath-taking. It is all in your perspective. And it always comes back to nature for me. Nature reminds us of so many things we take for granted. Nature always speaks to me.



27 Feb


This is a great picture of my dog Gus. I wasn’t sure if I had posted it or not. He is the most beautiful mutt I have ever seen and you can’t tell here but his eyes are two different colors. He gets so excited when there is snow on the ground. So as it is beginning to snow right now, I thought I would post one of my favorite pictures of him playing.

Birthday Eve

23 Feb


So it is the eve of yet another one of my birthdays. I try to get excited about them but it is hard. And I think it is hard for a lot of other people too. You start to feel older and see what you haven’t accomplished with the time you have spent here on Earth. I wish birthdays could stay the way they were when I was a kid. I got lots of cards in the mail. And it wasn’t about the gifts it was about the surprises. Like on my sweet 16, I woke up to my bed covered in streamers and confetti. I mean just look how obviously happy I was in that picture, even rocking every single bad 80’s cliché in the book. And now I haven’t gotten one card and there won’t be any surprises to look forward to tomorrow. I wish there was a way to celebrate birthdays like I was still a kid, and then maybe me and a few other people who dread getting older might not be so adverse to birthdays.

Mailed out

22 Feb


I have been looking for someone who shares my obsession with nail polish to become a sort of nail polish pen-pal with for a few months. Someone to exchange polishes with that I either already have or weren’t what I thought they would look like on me.  So when I found someone I was so excited and when she turned out to be close by that was even better.  And the funny thing is as we talk more she seems like an awesome person. Not just because of the nail polish obsession. It is odd how people come into your life for one reason but seem to just fit in other ways. I really enjoyed packing her box and thinking about little things to send besides just the nail polish. I am one of those people anyway who likes to find the perfect meaningful gift for people. And while I don’t know her that well yet I look forward to getting to know her better. The box got mailed a lot later than I expected because of things going on in my life but I finally got it mailed out. I hope this turns out to be as much fun as I think it will.

Manicure Magic

20 Feb


So someone gave me a very unexpected gift and I loved it! I am a bit of a nail polish addict. Okay I am totally obsessed and I change my manicures like twice a week. But I do try to be frugal when it comes to spending out of control on my polishes. So this gift I got was really meaningful to me. I got a bottle of Essie “as gold as it gets” which is a luxe effects topcoat with real gold flakes in it!!! Now as a general rule I am not a fan of yellow gold. In fact it really reminds me a metal pee pee but I digress. But because it is such a high end polish I really wanted to try it. And it was breath taking!! I only used it on two nails but wow! I used Julep “Viola” which is a very dark purple as a base coat. The gold seemed to have holographic flecks in it and it went on in a perfect thin coat, exactly like a topcoat should. I could not take any pictures that would do the gold color justice.  And that makes me so mad!! So if you can find a bottle of it, snatch it up because it will change your world.

I hate V-Day.

14 Feb


I normally  hate Valentine’s Day!! And I have good reasons. I am either alone or with some wonderful guy who thinks that because my birthday happens to fall the very next week that he doesn’t have to be romantic for both days. Because being thoughtful on two days close together is usually too much to ask of the winners I have dated in the past. But my Mom came home with a surprise that made me smile from ear to ear tonight. She found a lilac rose somewhere and brought it home to me. Anyone who knows me knows that purple is my signature color. I have loved it since I was 3. I can always count on my Mom to be my hero. So this Valentine’s Day was…nice. Lets hope it is an upward trend for the holiday.

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